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Since 1998, ACTRP, located in Dallas, Texas, has helped companies of all sizes meet exciting new challenges. And, in doing so, the ACTRP members have handled a myriad of assignments involving:

* The supply of temporary promotion personnel, product specialists, narrators, trainers, and presenters

* The design and implementation of corporate training programs,

* The writing, casting, choreographing, and direction of industrial theatre, custom music, music presentations, and

* The production of commercial television and video productions viewed nationally. It's TRUE! ACTRP has done all of that - and more!

  What Are Our Capabilities? Why Contact ACTRP?

ACTRP is a company of problem solving, creative individuals who stand ready to help. Whether you're a "first-time-buyer" or an established "friend-in-need," click on the "Buyer Inquiry" tab to let us know how we can help.

On the other hand, if you are a "Talent" looking for an opportunity to put your unique skills to work, then you should visit our "Talent Registry." Remember, there's NEVER a fee to register!

Our Bottom Line?  We Can Help You Increase Yours!

"It's only time and money!" You've heard that old expression. And as important as they are, time and money aren't the only assets that can radically alter your company's bottom line. Personnel resources, creativity and experience always make a difference in how a company responds to new opportunities for growth. The next time you find yourself "a day late," "a dollar short," or "almost there" contact ACTRP. We'll roll up our sleeves and pitch right in!



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